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Today, I want too talk about a news story that disturbs me very much. This week, Bosnia has banned women wearing the hijab, which is the muslim headscarf, in public. That has already happened in France and Turkey. So, this week, there have been many protests all over the country to demonstrate anger against this law. I know this is not news to American media, but I follow on Bosnian news website.

The reasons are supposed to be simple. For security reasons, we must not allow this thing. Tp preserve Western culture, we cannot allow this thing. It seesm to me to be all about security. But under the fear, I see great need. Great need to preserve identity, and to make all people look the same.

Is it not more Western to preserve freedom? Is it not more Western to be open and accepting. It seems not. However, that is not what confuses me most. In Bosnia and the other Eastern Block countries, we have long traditions of wearing our own headscarves. They are our traditional garb. The Soviets tried to take them from us. We faced our own cultural oppression, and even fought a civil war. How quickly we forget! It makes me very sad. As a person who has been displaced, I know I was very lucky. I was accepted in Germany.I was Babushka, and I was loved for being Babushka. Now I think of a young woman, my own age. She has left her home for civil wars, and she cannot find home in another country. She is rejected. Feared. I feel a tug on my heartstrings. There are ways to feel secure. I am not an expert, but I know that a person does not foster hatred, or do bad things if they are treated with kindness, generosity, and love. I am sad that in my country, we have very short memory. This was done to us, why can we do it to others?

So I respond in my own way. I will make my Bosnian headscarves. I will wear them, and share them to show that these women are not alone.

I am teaching my womens group to make headscarves! They are very fashionable, and they are good for winter, especially in Chicago, where I live. 

I want to teach you too! My readers can all have Bosnian scarves. You will need to find some fabric that speaks to your soul. You can also patch together old cloths. Blankets and clothes. Use what your heart desires! 

I also will tell you to use a good sewing machine. You must stitch all the seams and make it all strong and with clean edges. I find mine at The page is for my machine, and you can find a cheap model like this one

My next blog tells you how to get started. See you then!